About Loom Lab

 Loom Lab is a collaboration between movement artist Torre Edahl and theatre artist Mariah Larkin.  Born of a desire to create truly interdisciplinary work--neither theatre for theatre's sake nor dance for dance's sake--Loom Lab uses devising as a frame upon which to weave stories, finding our voice at the intersection of genre, identity, and form. Our desire to devise new work is emergent of our commitment to process and development. With our collective skills in dance, theatre, film, independent production, company management, and education we exist as a collective of individual artists eager to invite in the experiences of fellow artists as well as audience.

About The Artistic Team

Torre Edahl is a Twin Cities performer, choreographer, and arts administrator. She was a core collaborator with Live Action Set (2015-2017), and has also performed with Collective Unconscious Performance, Dangerous Productions, SEVEN DANCE, Paula Mann/Timetrack Productions, and under her own name. She has presented her choreography at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in 2015, and was a 2015-2016 Art(ists) on the Verge Fellow, with support from Northern Lights.mn and The Jerome Foundation.

Though her training is primarily as a dancer, since arriving in the Twin Cities, Edahl has found herself engaging more and more with physical and devised theatre. She believes that truly great art will always be interdisciplinary, utilizing all of the varied tools that a performer brings with them, and she has a keen interest in intermedia work, utilizing everything from video projection and motion tracking to text to paint and mud. Her dual BA in dance and Sociology/Anthropology feeds these interests, allowing her to position dance as a meaningful language and practice within the broader cultural climate.

Mariah Larkin is a Theatre Artist, Educator, and Mental Health Advocate. After attending the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (2011) they earned a BFA in Theatre Arts from Stephens College (2014). They have independently produced work ranging from devised theatre (Civil Aversion, 2014) to storytelling events (Let Me Explain Myself, 2016) short films (People May Experience, 2016) and podcasts (Mental. Rethinking Crazy, 2017). Additionally, Mariah has trained with Jon Ferguson, Live Action Set, and Company of Wolves (Glasgow, UK). Mariah's artistic endeavors are greatly influenced and improved by their work with students in the Minneapolis Public Schools as well as through Adventures in Cardboard. 

Mariah's interest in devised theatre and interdisciplinary work comes from their desire to create performances that engage and challenge audience and performer alike to be self-reflective. They are committed to creating a process and product that ensures the health and safety of every collaborator and holding space for all aspects of their identity.