Inspired by the creators’ personal narratives around mental health and mental illness, Persephone is an original interdisciplinary piece that is equal parts story and movement, which first premiered at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in August, 2017. Persephone speaks to the experience of living with a mental illness--the difficult moments, the support of others, and, most importantly, the moments of laughter and hope. What unfolds is a glimpse into the small corners of these characters lives, pushing past the typical tone that can befall stories of mental illness and offer an alternative fueled by levity and vulnerability.

Off Leash Art Box     4200 E 54th St

Fri, 5/4 @ 7:30pm

Sat, 5/5 @ 2:30pm

Sat, 5/5 @ 7:30pm

Sun, 5/6 @ 1pm

Tickets: $15
Fringe Button Discount: $13

Direction: Mariah Larkin and Torre Edahl

Asst. Direction: Kathleen Willard

Lighting Design: William Harmon

Music: Erik Ostrom

Video: Nadia Honary

Featuring: Jasmine Porter, Antonio Jordan, Megan Marcy, Addie Smith, Julia Winkels, Crissy Tolson