Minnesota Fringe Festival
August 2017

"Through drama and modern dance, Persephone opens an almost vigil-like space of reflection and acknowledgement. It’s a moving experience, asking the audience to share in the performers’ vulnerability. "

- Jay Gabler, City Pages


"Most fringe shows in this category are a little left of center and incorporate more than one performance style with varying success. Persephone, however, puts dance, theatre, poetry, and film into a blender and sets it on high- then pours the mixture very, very, very slowly and meticulously over the always tricky subject of mental health."

-Sofia Lindgren-Galloway, Director

"I can't recommend this show enough. Thanks to these artists for taking on the subject of mental illness and bringing what is often invisible into the light. The performance of the movement and acting fell away for me in the best possible way, showcasing an authentic story with big heart. A true portrayal of how life can be full of darkness, light, pain, and beauty all at once."

- Audience Review